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Establishing a standard of care for helpers who support those grieving reproductive loss.

Reproductive loss includes, but is not limited to grief after abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, and adoption. Many experiencing these losses are not aware of the support networks surrounding them. By working alongside pregnancy clinics, churches, organizations, counselors, and willing individuals, we can expand the care network and offer incredibly healing programs that are rich in scripture and filled with eternal hope. contact us for ENROLLMENT

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Help to Hope

3.5 – hour course offering the Biblical standard of care for Helpers who support those grieving reproductive loss. This training will cover grief education as it pertains to loss that is not openly acknowledged while offering Biblical application to bring eternal hope and restoration to those who choose to heal.

Days That Matter – Helping Your Client Write Hope into Her Story

1-hour course helping understand a clients’ childhood story, offer a Biblical grieving model to help navigate through loss that occurs when the story does not unfold as initially expected, and empower her to rewrite the story in light of eternity.

Introduction to Abortion Pill Reversal Outcome Support – APR{OS}

1-hour introductory session on the need to present a best-practice, Biblical Abortion Pill Reversal Outcome Support geared toward the emotional and spiritual care of the client. Features & Benefits


  • Case Studies
  • Scripture Led
  • Suggested Additional Resources
  • Q & A to Instructors
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  • Learn Biblical Grieving
  • Develop a Language for Reproductive Loss
  • Build Confidence in Helping Others
  • Standard of Care within Organization
  • Network with Other Helpers

Anyone can be a Helper

“I used to believe to help someone grieving you had to have experienced the same type of loss. Anyone can have humility and love while inviting someone to healing. Don’t let the fear of not having that experience restrain you from reaching out or responding to their request.” – Tanya Flores,  Reproductive Loss Network Testimonials BUILDING A COMMUNITY OF CARE THROUGH EXPERIENCE

The Instructors

Tanya Flores and Tricia Lewis bring over 30 years of experience serving with only one goal in mind: bringing Biblical help, hope, and healing to broken hearts after experiencing a reproductive loss.

Tricia Lewis

Tricia is a national and international grief care educator and co-founder of the Reproductive Loss Network. Tricia had the privilege to spend many years as an Executive Director for a pregnancy clinic in Northern California. She now provides grief education to individuals and groups, especially those in pregnancy help organizations. Tricia is pursuing a Ph.D. in Counseling & Psychological Studies with a concentration in Grief Counseling.

Tanya Flores

Tanya is a Director of Reproductive Grief Care & Education at her local medical pregnancy clinic, leading a team of Reproductive Grief Care Advocates of men and women, providing care and support for those experiencing loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, hysterectomy, infertility, and abortion. Outside of her clinic work, she serves as a biblical counselor within her church’s counseling program.
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